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Proud to offer more than just the best housewares for Phoenix, Seattle, and Denver.


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Accessories Plus Houseware Rentals excels in providing turnkey houseware rental solutions for insurance housing, corporate housing, sports housing, and vacation rentals. 

Houseware Rentals


Keeping rentals clean is crucial to providing an amazing experience for your guests. We provide weekly, biweekly, or monthly housekeeping services depending on your needs during your residents’ stay. Deep cleaning is offered as well between guests. Our cleaning teams take great care in paying attention to detail and provide the best quality in cleaning and sanitation products. We pride ourselves in leaving a lasting impression after each clean.

Quality Control Walkthrough

We follow a fully customizable checklist to meet the client’s individual quality standards and verify that all apt. and mailbox keys are functional.  We report any maintenance issues to the property and schedule corresponding maintenance services with the leasing office.  Do last-minute touch-ups and dusting to ensure a perfect move-in experience for the new resident.

Quality Control
Cable Installation

Cable Service

For an hourly rate we will ensure that cable equipment is installed and that all internet, telephone and cable service is operational.

Cable Pick-up and return

For a one-time fee, we offer a pick up of cable during a pick-up and return it to the cable company.  There will be a receipt emailed to you to confirm the return.

Cable service
Lockbox Services

Lockbox Service

For a one-time fee, we offer a lockbox service we provide a  (4-digit code of the customer’s choice), we pick up all move-in keys and leave one in the lockbox for guests’ arrival and the others inside the residence.