Accessories Plus Houseware rentals

Meet the Team

Meet our amazing teams in Colorado, Arizona, and Washington state!



General Manager

Bea has been overseeing our Washington market as manager for over 12 years. He is not a stranger to hard work and will go above and beyond for his customers and his team members. He is not just an employee; he is invested in Accessories Plus and is always looking for ways to improve and grow the company as well as, build and maintain great relationships with our partners and everyone we work with. He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and crabbing.  


Operations Manager

Sara has been a part of Accessories Plus Housewares coming up on 10 years.  She is the backbone to our Washington market. Sara manages the schedule, preps and manages inventory, oversees the day to day operations and keeps the warehouse and office space in tip top shape.  Sara is soft spoken, but what Sara says goes.  Bea refers to Sara as the “real boss” in Seattle. Sara is an amazing mom to her son. She enjoys camping, spending time with family and gardening. 


Linen Manager

Karen has been overseeing all of our linens coming in and going out for over 5 years.  Karen manages our laundry facility including processing, prepping and meticulously keeping our inventory top notch.  You could call Karen the James Bond of linen, nothing gets past her!  Karen also assists in the day to day operations. Karen recently married in 2022.  She loves her pets, enjoys spending time with family and likes cooking.  One of Karen’s favorite past times is cozying up on the couch, watching tv with a good snack.



General Manager

Shiloh has been around almost as long as Accessories Plus has, going on 16 years! Shiloh runs and manages our Colorado market. Shiloh prides himself not only in his work, but his team and his warehouse. Shiloh has over 20 years’ experience in this industry and definitely knows the ins and outs. Shiloh has a great relationship with all our partners in the Colorado market and collaborates with all of them to assure everything runs smoothly. Shiloh was born and raised in Colorado. Shiloh has a beautiful daughter, enjoys playing pool, enjoys going to Colorado Rockies games and has 2 cats, Lucy and Pebbles.


Lead Installer

Hector has been a part of our team (along with his wife Maria who you will read about below,) coming up on 2 years. Hector worked for Oakwood worldwide in their Colorado operation for several years and we’re lucky to have him now. Hector wears many hats and is known for giving extra detail to everything that he does. Hector not only goes above and beyond in his work but, Hector goes above and beyond in helping others. Hector is the first to say thank you, completes any task that is given him and never complains. Hector loves and enjoys spending time with his family.


Warehouse Team Leader

Maria is the warehouse queen. Like Hector, Maria previously worked for Oakwood worldwide and has been with us coming up on 2 years. Maria manages the day to day warehouse operation from cleaning and prepping inventory and packages, managing laundry to maintaining cleanliness and organization in the warehouse. Above that, Maria also assists with deliveries and set ups giving each one that finishing touch. Maria enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.



General Manager
Chris has 4 years with Accessories Plus, leading and managing our Arizona market however, over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Chris worked previously for Convenient Housewares and Apartment Outfitters. Chris started with our team in Colorado and recently relocated to Arizona as our General Manager. Chris is seasoned in executing the daily operations including deliveries, warehouse management and schedule. Chris consistently amazes us at the volume of work that he accomplishes without losing any attention to detail. Chris is a great communicator works amazingly well with our team and our customers alike. Chris is a big fan of Star Wars and South Park. Chris is also a dad to a teenage daughter headed into high school next year, is a supporter and creative assistant to his girlfriend’s thriving business.


Warehouse Superstar

Clint has been keeping and diligently maintaining our warehouse inventory operations in Phoenix for 7 years! Clint takes great care of all of our inventory. Clint also assists on various warehouse improvement projects, deliveries, pick-ups and assist in laundry management. Clint is a native to Arizona and is excellent at playing the drums, movie quotes and loves spending time with his nieces and nephews.



Jessica has been a part of Accessories Plus since 2005. In her time with Accessories Plus she has worn all hats, she has cleaned many apartments, cleaned countless toasters, set up thousands of residents and has learned the ins and outs of managing a business. She now works on budget management, marketing, HR, and being the glue that keeps the company together. When not at work, Jessica loves traveling with her family, spending time with friends, hunting, and witnessing her children succeed.



Jeff is why Accessories Plus is what it is today. Jeff began this business back in 2005 taking that leap of faith and dreaming the dream. A LOT of hard work, sweat and tears, many sleepless nights, and being away from his family for months at a time has definitely paid off. Jeff has worn all the hats, built amazing and timeless relationships with our partners and helped shape and mold the amazing leaders and teams we have with us today. Jeff says “the best way to be successful, is to surround yourself with people better than you.” Now that Jeff has a little more free time, he fills it mostly with spending time and making memories with his family, enjoying friends and hunting.